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Everyone’s posting all these awesome England Birthday Stuff and I’m just sitting here eating like-


Happy birthday you ginormous twat

May your eyebrow game remain strong and fell thousands



-ABoston Cosplay Lineup-

Friday: Gabriel (SPN)
Saturday I: Monomi (SDR2)
Saturday II: Sunday II: Carlos
Sunday: Diego (WTNV)

*Subject to change depending on Photoshoot Schedules*
See you there 

XoxO, Sasha


Basically, I don’t have a job this semester and money in college is a butt of a problem so I’m FINALLY taking commissions. A signal boost would be appreciated!

References: Artlog / Sketchlog

(You can refer to specific drawings to make it easier)

Payment: Paypal (Preferred) / Mailed Cash

- If you have a Credit/Debit Card, you can pay via Paypal without an account

- I can’t start drawing until I get paid \(;A;)/

- I’ll ask you for your email and send you an invoice

Please Direct Any Questions to my Inbox!


Anonymous sent:

In honor of the Nyotalia Episode, who was your favorite lady nation?


((Definitely Fem!America- She’s such a ball of sunshine and confidence!))

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Katsucon Schedule:

Thursday: WTNV Tea Party

-Carlos the Scientist [WTNV]

Friday: Katsucon Formal Ball

Let’s play a guessing game… Find me.

Fem!Carlos [WTNV] Only for the Ball

Saturday: Supernatural Photoshoot

Gabriel [Supernatural]

Russia [Hetalia] As backup and possibly second cosplay

Sunday: Welcome to Night Vale Photoshoot

Carlos the Scientist [WTNV]


Sweet Dreams, Spaceman-

School starts for me this coming Monday.

I’ll still be updating this blog as often as I can.

Thank you all for your support!

XoxO, Sasha

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I won’t be accepting any more questions for my 2Ps (list at bottom)

I had to sacrifice one aspect of the blog instead of updating it more regularly…

I’ll be drawing them from time to time, though. If you’d like to take over and draw or cosplay them, let me know!

Thanks a lot for staying with me, guys!

XoxO, Sasha

+ Austria

+ Prussia

+ Estonia

+ Latvia

+ Lithuania

+ Belarus

+ Ukraine

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Anonymous sent:

Miss Belarus, what are you going to be doing for Valentines Day?

Going over to big brother’s place, of course. There’s a lot of love he missed out on by not being around…


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We put up a Christmas tree (you know, the traditional one) inside the Kremlin as we do every year. There was also a Christmas Mass at the Church of the Acheiropaeic Image of Christ the Saviour.

Standard Practice, really. I didn’t get to visit my sisters this year…

(Picture Credit: 1 / 2)

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Return Notice:

Thanks to everyone that encouraged me to stick around!

Updates will be really slow, and I have no idea if I’ll go back to answering questions any time soon, but I’ll be constantly updating fanart and cosplay.

Send in coplay and/or art asks! I’ll try my best to answer them.

And a update of sorts, ohperfectcarlos and I shall be working on new Hetalia Cosplays… sometime…

Also… there’s been an update on the theme! Check it out!